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Just a car accident…



Today, on the way to the client’s office..


Around 9.15, I was about to get off the bus.. but on my right hand side, there was a motorcycle which is heading to me..


i don’t know whether it’s me or same as everyone..



when the bus or any public transports stop, no matter what kind of cars were near the public transports.. they should all stop .. at least let the pedestrian leave first!!



But today, this guy, he didn’t .. when I asked him “ don’t you ever stop when you see the bus has stopped?” his excuses was oh I was trying to move away from the dead bird.. blah blah……….



Well, I was so angry and upset that time……… I yelled at him, what if today I am not standing here and yell at you, but lying down on the floor………. What will you do ?


Then after that conversation, I was moving to the shop front and checking my leg see if I get injury or anything …………..that guy was running away.. he didn’t stop and come to check if I get hurt or not….



Oh yeah, my leg did get hurt.. I HAVE a beautiful blue colour on my leg now..



Anyway, in the end I went to the police & the hospital…… and made the record as well..



Then, about an hour later, the police office came to hospital with a stranger.. yes that stranger was the one who's car was heading to me and then run away~~~


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記得高中時, 很羨慕可以出國唸書的人,總覺得那會是很幸福的一件事,可以出去看看不同的世界, 接觸不同的文化,那是一個多麼美好的事啊!...

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remember couple weeks ago, i wrote a diary about **looking forward to see the youngest member of Stevens' famil**..

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Before entered into the real world, I though the ability is more important to anything!!

Therefore, I believed that if I got ability, I don’t really need to care about things around me..

Cos I hate socialize!!

Why? Don’t I know that socializing is also important in my work?

Of course, I do!!

But sometimes I felt it’s fake!  I don’t like to see myself become like that..

Good in socializing but lack of ability..

Well, another reason is that I am very easy to get angry!!!

I mean maybe I can’t use **very easy** to describe!

I get angry because I can’t understand why ppl doing thing are sooo not efficient!!

I don’t understand why ppl set up the rules or regulations by not to follow up!

I don’t understand why ppl say one thing but do it in another way!!

I don’t understand!!

So I am not happy!!

But some ppl, should I call them are smart or they are good in hiding thei emotions?

I am still learnin to hide my emotions and not showing that on my face. really.. I am trying now… and I found that’s very hard to do it!

Ok, why?

Today, the beautiful Saturday.

I woke up @ 8.00 and got ready by 9.30 leave to the office! Cos we have to get the first consolidated report done..

But guess what?

Cos of we forgot to bring the previous years’ w/p papers back, then we have to wait for the in-charge to come back as he went to the client’s office and got the w/p back..

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