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What's PR? that's permanent resident 's short cut!!


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11/13 first day in to examine one of our client’s internal control … first day is always the easiest day for the work begain..


We were checking that the client has got all the paper works we needed…


Well, not every auditor would have chance of doing this.. as it is different to the financial report review or doing tax review..


In regarding to this specific task, we have to review the client’s 9 cycle, form producing, sales, purchase… etc..


We don’t have much time to do, two weeks only.. in two weeks time, we have to finish the 60 sampling in each cycle, which means its 540 samples in total.. 


Well how exciting is that….!!!



Second day in the client’s office.. oh well, it is also the day that we are going to be busy again………..

Since we have got nearly all the information we need… therefore, we have to present some works before we finish work today……….. yes.. it means.. OT period is out again!!!!!!! No surprised, we left client’s office by 22.00 and still as the work is not finished yet…. We have to bring some papers back to hotel and continue the OT!!!


11/15 thing is getting a little bit better today, as I know what kind information I need to finish the task and who should I go for!!!! But also, today we left around 22.10…


11/16 three days past, no matter what we have done in last three days.. We have to show the in charge our works and notify her about our finding … make that all the defects was recorded.  God, his time is not a playing time now.. Have to be really serious about what I am doing.


(to be continued)

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從小, 老爸跟老媽就不怎麼愛炫耀...

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終於, 機票確定...也已買好...心中一塊大石頭總算落下了..


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