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Oh oh.. haven’t written any English diary for a while.. and you can easily to see that my English writing is getting worse!!!!


So, if I have any grammar error, please feel free to correct. ta ta


Today is last day of 2006 and not like ppl inTaiwanor in other countries..

I have been working from yesterday morning till now and not sure what time will be finish tonight  ahha . hope not like last time please…


I am so jealous for ppl that can go out and have fun in New Year’s eve!!! Cos I have to stay in client’s office and waiting for their documents!!!!


Geees.. and not only this, I am working on tomorrow and day after tomorrow as well.. I have no weekend and no New Year holiday this year!!! I miss holiday.. and I wanna a break, even know that I won’t be able to have any holidays for a while.


I miss Mao Mao, I miss holiday and I wanna go back to Australia!!!!!! I don’t want to stay in China!


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can't believe that i am going to China again!!!

just came back from China in the end of October.. then went back to Australia last month.....

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