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  • Jan 21 Sun 2007 18:07
  • 火大



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 ok.. i know it's not pleasent to hear this complain..

ppl who is working now is the same  boat with me..

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I am not quite sure whether i would get comestic surgery in the future.. but i definitely know that i won't get it done in next couple years.. cos it hurts!

i was speaking to 葵 today about one of my family member who just recently got the surgery done .. it looks really shock.. well well don't misundersatnd on what i am saying...

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Ok, finally.. I have decided to take an English tutorial, as I really need to improve my grammar and writing skills.. class will be started from next week. I know it’s gonna be hard for me to keep balance of my studies and work. However, it would be worth to do so. 


Last week, while I was still in China for work, I mentioned to one of my colleagues about my decision of taking an English tutorial.  His reaction was so shock, and couldn’t understand why did I do that. He thought that as I have done a lot of studies of English and I was having my bachelor and postgrade in an English speaking country. As a result of this, I should be good in English..


Oh well, I would like to ask other ppl who is in same situation as me.. do you think that you can still keep your English in the same high level as you had before?  Do you that sometimes when you try to express something but you have gotten how to express?


I am in that kind of situation now. I was having an interview with my English tutor to be on Friday.  We made some plans about how to run this tutorial.  I told him that sometimes, I got lost in how to express well, which means I am very weak in perfect tense.  


As a result, I am sure he would help me out with this problem and hopefully, by the time I finish this tutorial with him, I will be much better than now..:)

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