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  • Apr 05 Sun 2009 15:49
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晚上本來有朋友約吃飯, 可是奇檬子不對只想在家自閉.... 一堆藉口, 應是把約會推掉(下次應該也不會想約我了吧XD)

今天呢因為daylight saving 時間結束,偷得一小時的時間

可是偏偏給我的頭痛給痛醒, 一整天除了在家看電視外啥也沒做....



倒完垃圾, 開始找些網站...還有整理出要做得事....我要把要做得事情每天都貼出來吧~~~不然依我的懶個性, 過了那個時間....我一定會有藉口推掉

吼..................快一點, i have to put my life back on track!!!!!! 不要再這樣無聊折磨自己了!

還有呢, 要試著用英文寫blog了。。。不然哪~~會退步

I haven't done much since my last blog entry. What I have done mostly was wasting my time to make myself upset and live in the pain.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Sydney, even though the temperature was a bit cold, but overall the weather was nice. I can see the sunlight came through the balcony into my room, and it was lovely.

Then, I got a call from a friend who wanted to catch up for dinner, somehow I didn't feel like to go at all. I wasn't in the mood. I guess he won't ask again time, opps :p

I also spent a lot of time talked to MONKEY.... Oh I know.. again, and hopefully, this is the last time ever doing this.
Today is the end of daylight saving in BOTH NSW and VIC, I have an extra hour to sleep or do things I want to do. I was going to sleep in but had really bad headache and couldn't go back to sleep. I just spent all day relaxing at home, watching TV and plurking.. what a waste.

After that, I was searching online for jobs or other stuffs. I realised there are so much to do out there rather than stay home alone and make myself upset.

Besides, I think I have to make a list for myself to ensure that I will complete the things that I wanted to do in order to put my life back on track.


btw, i have to get back to my English now.. type up an English blog entry once a week or when i update my blog...


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  • gigi13uk
  • glad to see you taking initiative in finding your life back. :) well done! we always spend this much time plurking and messing around...then we don't have sufficient to do a lot of beneficial stuffs...but i guess spending time chatting with one another can be somehow positive lah :p
  • hsinyi99
  • 第一次來呦~
    正在努力move on~
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