time goes really quick, i only have another three days to stay here.

work is fine, i feel much more relaxed to work here rather in Taiwan.. i guess it's b'cos i am just come here fore couple days(a week). not for long term. .. i think that's the difference..

without any other Taiwanese employees' help.. it's kind of difficult for us to find any entertainments here..

every night, after work, we just get a taxi and try to find is there any busy place out of there?  not sure .. maybe not.. cos it's just a small contryside.........

the food here was saulty and oily.... (most of them)

and the taxi fare is kind of expensive.. cos to compare with their living standards.. and plus.. they changed the price every time... and the taxi drivers' attitude were very unfriendly!!! (or rude)

well.. except the things i described above.. whatelse would i say about china..

of course there are some thing good about China..

food is cheap...

and every thing here is BIG BIG BIG!!! yes very big!!
their buildings are big.. ex. their town hall is much more bigger than the city hall in Melb!

the street is big and wide than the roads  i have seen in Australia..

and well more and more i have to explore.......

anyway, China is an interesting place.... maybe .. just maybe.. if 葵 get a chance to find a job in Shanghai or HK .. i would love to come with hin nhere........ that would be rellay nice^^,.... hehe 


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