well, felt weird to be back..

snowing in Vic (picture 1)

(picture 2)

it's day 4 now, but still feel that this is not real.. and still feel that i am here for holiday... and was taking a break from my job in Taiwan..

but no, it's not like that! but then in fact, I have resigned my job about three weeks.. and decided to come here ......

when i told friends, families and colleagues that I want to come back here.. everyone was assuming that "Big Day" is coming soon...lol.. well I didn't know how to respond .. just smiled..

the weather is getting weird in Melbourne. well in the last five and half years, winter was not as cold as this year, very very chili.. well of course to compare the weather in China. It's soo different..

what I tried to say is that both areas are very similar.. they are all cold in winter.. but ... in China.. there is a dividing line for the north and south.. it's the Huanghe River (hope i am not wrong)

I mean if you go to a place like Shanghai in winter, it's freezing.. you may ask me why?

well cos the heater is not installed in the house.. as the city was counted as the city i north.. therefore, the Government wouldn't provide the central heating service!

couple months ago, I was away in China for work.. god.. cos without central heating and the water was not hot enough, we all caught a cold.......

It's very annoyed to have cold or been sick when you are away..

so yes, i was not so please to work in China that time..

however overall, that job gave me really good opportunities to see what i haven't seen before and to experience different things!

anyway back to the topic..

yes i felt weird to be back.. not only cos the changes of the city.. it has been changed a lot since my last time to be here.

Eureka tower was finally completed....

He has bought a house in a nice area.. and I am not a student anymore..

we both grow up and become much more mature than two years ago..

before returned back, i was so desperate to be coming back.. but a week ago, i was struggling that the decision i made.

i kept questioning myself.. is this really what i want .. i was even thinking to list down the reason of coming..

well in the beginning , it was him........ cos i know is not good at all to keep relationship in long distance too long..

so that's why i am here..

but then, till i found something by mistake.. i really really not that interesting in looking up his stuffs.. but i did . and it was all by mistake.

just day after came back to Melbourne, that night cos my mail was not working..

I thought i could try to use outlook to receive my mail, but then i read his mail by accident.....and found out something i shouldn't know...

i know it's breaking someone's privacy. someone i loved.

I was in shock of what I was reading on......

since that, i was confused and had to doubt about the decision of returning back.

be honest, to be one and half years apart, a lot of things could be changed..

what if this decision was the right one to make.. what would i end up to be.

i didn't know that the one i loved still love his ex.

probably, packing up my things go back to Taiwan.......

Picture 1 from John Woudstra (Http://www.theage.com.au)

Picture 2 from Shane Mcclure (Http://www.theage.com.au)


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