I can't believe that time flies quick.

I still feel like I just finished watching the New Year Fireworks near the Harbour bridage and just finished the 2009 Q4 reports.

Or deciding either to continue CPA or the AFMA study for my work.

However the reality pulls me back, It's February now.

Sunrise won't happen till pass 6 in the morning and Sunset happen around 19.00 every night.

Now, i no need to make decision in between CPA or AFMA, as I decided not doing CPA anymore.

I still don't know if this is the right thing to do but I did and have to move. With AFMA i don't know when i will start that or wheather i will start at all.

I don't even know where i will be and i don't want to make a move yet, however i am sure, when the time is right and there will be an answer for me:)

Besides decision making, I am doing ok at the moment. I was thinking about to continue the "last year"'s New Year resolutions...hahaha

As far as i remember, i had yoga, fitness plan and cooking in my last year's plan, and i didn't get any of them start. :p

This year, I did some search for yoga classes around the neighbourhood (can't be bother to travel all the way to suburbs where is 30mins plus car ride from my place). guess what? i found couple the schools around here and look interesting, I would try that soon ..

furthermore, the fitness, I have been doing some exercises from the DVD which bought in 2008. Yes 2008hehe.. I feel quite good after doing those exercises and so will continue doing it.

then comes to the cooking, I have been cooking quite a bit but this is not the usual cooking you have seen on my blog.

I want to join cooking class, to cook different cuisines. however, there is problem here, the one i want to join were all full. so will see i can make it happen this year:)




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