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Oh oh.. haven’t written any English diary for a while.. and you can easily to see that my English writing is getting worse!!!!


So, if I have any grammar error, please feel free to correct. ta ta


Today is last day of 2006 and not like ppl inTaiwanor in other countries..

I have been working from yesterday morning till now and not sure what time will be finish tonight  ahha . hope not like last time please…


I am so jealous for ppl that can go out and have fun in New Year’s eve!!! Cos I have to stay in client’s office and waiting for their documents!!!!


Geees.. and not only this, I am working on tomorrow and day after tomorrow as well.. I have no weekend and no New Year holiday this year!!! I miss holiday.. and I wanna a break, even know that I won’t be able to have any holidays for a while.


I miss Mao Mao, I miss holiday and I wanna go back to Australia!!!!!! I don’t want to stay in China!


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can't believe that i am going to China again!!!

just came back from China in the end of October.. then went back to Australia last month.....

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What's PR? that's permanent resident 's short cut!!


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11/13 first day in to examine one of our client’s internal control … first day is always the easiest day for the work begain..


We were checking that the client has got all the paper works we needed…


Well, not every auditor would have chance of doing this.. as it is different to the financial report review or doing tax review..


In regarding to this specific task, we have to review the client’s 9 cycle, form producing, sales, purchase… etc..


We don’t have much time to do, two weeks only.. in two weeks time, we have to finish the 60 sampling in each cycle, which means its 540 samples in total.. 


Well how exciting is that….!!!



Second day in the client’s office.. oh well, it is also the day that we are going to be busy again………..

Since we have got nearly all the information we need… therefore, we have to present some works before we finish work today……….. yes.. it means.. OT period is out again!!!!!!! No surprised, we left client’s office by 22.00 and still as the work is not finished yet…. We have to bring some papers back to hotel and continue the OT!!!


11/15 thing is getting a little bit better today, as I know what kind information I need to finish the task and who should I go for!!!! But also, today we left around 22.10…


11/16 three days past, no matter what we have done in last three days.. We have to show the in charge our works and notify her about our finding … make that all the defects was recorded.  God, his time is not a playing time now.. Have to be really serious about what I am doing.


(to be continued)

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從小, 老爸跟老媽就不怎麼愛炫耀...

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終於, 機票確定...也已買好...心中一塊大石頭總算落下了..


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time goes really quick, i only have another three days to stay here.

work is fine, i feel much more relaxed to work here rather in Taiwan.. i guess it's b'cos i am just come here fore couple days(a week). not for long term. .. i think that's the difference..

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10/19~10/28 去了一趟大陸出差~

照片的部分, 回台灣後會陸續補上...^^




因此這次去的時候, 是有點怕怕的呵呵





不過在這裡, 有錢的人真的很有錢..

那天晚上, 我們自行去市區找東西逛逛還有順便覓食~~~



那天覓食的結果是end up 到了KFC吃飯~~~(真口憐)


10/20 下班後, 步行到飯店附近的餐廳吃飯~~


這裡的菜, 是又油又鹹的不敢領教!!
其中點了一盤, **小炒削豬骨肉**...其實就是辣椒炒豬蹄!!...

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年初回來前, 老媽去了澳洲一趟...一來是觀光旅遊..二來是盯著我乖乖的上飛機???
 那一次的行程短短的八天, 要走遍Sydney, Melb & Brisbane這澳洲的三大城市..
其實早在得知老媽跟妹要到澳洲時, 葵老大就說了...要我跟老媽的導遊詢問看看 可不可以找一天晚上帶老媽跟妹妹出來, 葵老大想要跟老媽她們吃頓飯.. 當然也要先打聽好他們是愛吃啥, 這樣才可以準備嘛!

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想當然爾, 老爸跟老媽都是高舉反對意見..

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是的, 我們是那種每次時間一到就會去各個公司*找碴*的人..ㄟ也不太算啦..
上個禮拜, 去了一趟校園徵才(我是去充數的)..

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it's not the first time  to think about this question!

Long distance is hard..

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半年報開始後, 意識到下半年開始陸陸續續要接小型公司的主查..

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Just a car accident…



Today, on the way to the client’s office..


Around 9.15, I was about to get off the bus.. but on my right hand side, there was a motorcycle which is heading to me..


i don’t know whether it’s me or same as everyone..



when the bus or any public transports stop, no matter what kind of cars were near the public transports.. they should all stop .. at least let the pedestrian leave first!!



But today, this guy, he didn’t .. when I asked him “ don’t you ever stop when you see the bus has stopped?” his excuses was oh I was trying to move away from the dead bird.. blah blah……….



Well, I was so angry and upset that time……… I yelled at him, what if today I am not standing here and yell at you, but lying down on the floor………. What will you do ?


Then after that conversation, I was moving to the shop front and checking my leg see if I get injury or anything …………..that guy was running away.. he didn’t stop and come to check if I get hurt or not….



Oh yeah, my leg did get hurt.. I HAVE a beautiful blue colour on my leg now..



Anyway, in the end I went to the police & the hospital…… and made the record as well..



Then, about an hour later, the police office came to hospital with a stranger.. yes that stranger was the one who's car was heading to me and then run away~~~


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Before entered into the real world, I though the ability is more important to anything!!

Therefore, I believed that if I got ability, I don’t really need to care about things around me..

Cos I hate socialize!!

Why? Don’t I know that socializing is also important in my work?

Of course, I do!!

But sometimes I felt it’s fake!  I don’t like to see myself become like that..

Good in socializing but lack of ability..

Well, another reason is that I am very easy to get angry!!!

I mean maybe I can’t use **very easy** to describe!

I get angry because I can’t understand why ppl doing thing are sooo not efficient!!

I don’t understand why ppl set up the rules or regulations by not to follow up!

I don’t understand why ppl say one thing but do it in another way!!

I don’t understand!!

So I am not happy!!

But some ppl, should I call them are smart or they are good in hiding thei emotions?

I am still learnin to hide my emotions and not showing that on my face. really.. I am trying now… and I found that’s very hard to do it!

Ok, why?

Today, the beautiful Saturday.

I woke up @ 8.00 and got ready by 9.30 leave to the office! Cos we have to get the first consolidated report done..

But guess what?

Cos of we forgot to bring the previous years’ w/p papers back, then we have to wait for the in-charge to come back as he went to the client’s office and got the w/p back..

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人家說, 結婚是需要衝動的..

分手也是需要衝動的吧, 我想..
葵升職了, 得到了他想要的工作, 或是說比他預期的更好… senior executive.再四個禮拜也要搬去雪梨了..我承認, 我是一個會胡思亂想的女生..
葵的升職, 我當然是替他高興..

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