Before entered into the real world, I though the ability is more important to anything!!

Therefore, I believed that if I got ability, I don’t really need to care about things around me..

Cos I hate socialize!!

Why? Don’t I know that socializing is also important in my work?

Of course, I do!!

But sometimes I felt it’s fake!  I don’t like to see myself become like that..

Good in socializing but lack of ability..

Well, another reason is that I am very easy to get angry!!!

I mean maybe I can’t use **very easy** to describe!

I get angry because I can’t understand why ppl doing thing are sooo not efficient!!

I don’t understand why ppl set up the rules or regulations by not to follow up!

I don’t understand why ppl say one thing but do it in another way!!

I don’t understand!!

So I am not happy!!

But some ppl, should I call them are smart or they are good in hiding thei emotions?

I am still learnin to hide my emotions and not showing that on my face. really.. I am trying now… and I found that’s very hard to do it!

Ok, why?

Today, the beautiful Saturday.

I woke up @ 8.00 and got ready by 9.30 leave to the office! Cos we have to get the first consolidated report done..

But guess what?

Cos of we forgot to bring the previous years’ w/p papers back, then we have to wait for the in-charge to come back as he went to the client’s office and got the w/p back..

So, I was there, the second early one in my department.. What time did I get there? 10.00

Then 20 minutes another colleagues turned up then the third one..

2 hours after, the in-charge came back from the Client’s office with our w/p..(that time was 12.00)

o we started doing the first draft by 13.00..

this is my first time to go to that client also my first time to do their consolidated report..

oh god, that was a nightmare..

cos of wanting to go home earlier.. so once I finished my part, I would ask my colleague if they need a hand..

and lucky, I didn’t get nothing after the asking..

but .. cos I didn’t do those stuffs in the beginning and so I was not know what I have to do and how!!

I did ask !!! but the problem is here, there was only one of the members who has experience with this client..

So rest of us got no ideas…

And yeah we did ask …

But once when we finished..

The in-charge * just * remember that we missed out sth .. blah lblah..

There was one thing that I have been working for 3 hours.. I though that will be the end ..

But .. no .. not at all.. there was three hours I was doing nothing..

I mean I did work on the report.. but the result was not they expected! So .. it worth nothing..

I wasted totally three hours to do some rubbishes!!

Not only that, I also got blamed from the inc-charge..

He said, why didn’t you think about it before u made any changes?

What the ~!!!

I did ask!!! I did as what you were saying !!! as you didn’t explain quite well.. and now you blamed on me!!!

Really, I had one thought on my mind that time.. resign this job!!!!!

I was really angry!!!



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